Rhizom is published semi-annually for over 13 years and 24 issues. Me and a team of 6 other students did the special edition 25th issue of Rhizom magazine. The project was supported by Prof. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen, Prof. Dr. Ralf Beuker, Dipl. Des. Paul Bičište such as Jan van der Straaten and Daniel Buchholz from Designbüro Neu. The 25th issue of Rhizom deals with the topic of „Addiction“ in many ways. When developing the article that I contributed and designed in addition to the general concept of Rhizome 25, I interviewed the instagram-famous Vladimiro Goncalvez and spent two days in Offenbach with him. With our magazine, we had the honor to be featured on Design Made in Germany.


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