Type Design, Graphic Design, Webdesign, CGI


SHOKOOFEH typeface is a juxtaposition of war and vegetation in Afghanistan. This experimental project is visually juxtaposing destruction and creation that can be found in floral vegetation. Afghanistan has abundant and beautiful landscapes such as unique flora which served as my inspiration and resulted in an art experiment on expressive typography.
I created forms based on trees, bushes and flowers, alienated, modified and digitized them. From these forms I developed a glyph set including characters from A–Z, in two cuts.
SHOKOOFEH.gallery is an interactive attempt at a virtual specimen and exhibition, showcasing poster art and exploring new typographic territories. Reflected through poster art from an array of graphic designers, SHOKOOFEH is trying to redefine how we encounter the creative process of form and typographic art.

Coding, CGI: Jonas Fürste