Branding, Graphic Design, Type Design, Conception

Showing my favorite identity proposal idea for RHU (Redesigning Human Uniform), by Rhuigi Villaseño, RHUDE, done in 2021, which was discarded in the process.
According to the first briefing, RHU (Redesigning Human Uniform) should combine three elements: nature – represented by mountains and open landscapes – human and uniform.
The repetitive rhythm of the widely spaced mono letters creates a uniform character and a technical look. I also created a letter system based on the shape of landscapes, raw nature and organic textures. The extended visual language plays with different states of aggregation; moving from liquid shapes to hard and edgy ones. During the process the brand identity moved into a vastly different direction.

Founded in 2015, Rhuigi Villaseñor’s label RHUDE has done a lot in very little time. Capturing its fans with a cocktail of streetwear-leaning graphics, bold prints, and luxury materials, it’s easy to see why RHUDE quickly became one of the most influential young brands on the market. It also built the base from which Rhuigi’s takes his next move: a collaborative collection with Zara titled RHU.

Done at Bureau Borsche.
Images: Bureau Borsche.