Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Conception

It is the island that nourished the god of gods, Zeus, and its stories are as endless and as captivating as Dedalus’ labyrinth.⁣
There are road signs with bullet marks on them and deep caves that echo the sound of crushing waves. There are family vendettas that span generations, rizitika songs, matinades, Kazantzakis and the undying love of Erotokritos to Aretousa. NOMAS 16 cannot pretend to be all about this unique island called Crete. We follow Ariadne’s thread, much like Theseus, and discover it one “room” at a time. Along the way, it is not merely the Minotaur that awaits, but Mediterranean salty flavors, people with character and black mesh headbands, purple orchid trees and wild goats that jump down the cliffside. There may be no way out, but at least there was a way in, so join us.⁣

Done at Bureau Borsche.
Publisher: Yannis Bournias