Branding, Graphic Design, Type Design

AYT logo and label design for Arepas y Tamales as part of a new identity design.

Arepas y Tamales is a recipe that destroys hierarchies!⁣
⁣A project created by Oscar Murillo @lacachepli , Arepas y Tamales @arepasytamales consists of a collection of 100 individual wearable sculptures inspired by the attitude and poetry of collaboration, focusing on spiritual beliefs and the working class.⁣
⁣Each of the unique wearables have been created from prints of drawings made by thousands of students from around the world, all of whom are participants in Murillo's long-term collaborative project, Frequencies @frequenciesinstitute ⁣
⁣Each AYT label lists the 34 countries that make up the geography of Frequencies, as well as leaving space for the unique code of each garment to be hand-written alongside the artist’s signature.

Done at Bureau Borsche together with Jean-Pierre Meier and Arthur Brun.